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No matter what industry you’re in, Level4 Bio can conduct a free, expert phone consultation to guide you through possible solutions and next steps for addressing infectious diseases in your home, business or any environment where there’s a challenge.

We’ll ask the key questions such as:

  • What current sanitizing techniques are you using (both process and chemical)?
  • Describe your environment – what kind of materials and equipment do you have?
  • What are your concerns about your current sanitizing methods?

Then we’ll  recommend a best course of action for disinfecting services — whether that’s a one-time emergency in any environment, a recurring service to help kill viruses and bacteria and mitigate the risk of future contamination, purchasing an equipment solution, or maybe you just need to ‘fine tune’ what you’re already doing.  In some cases, your existing process may be all you need – with a little more focus… and we’ll tell you that too.

Request an Onsite Estimate

During the consultation, you can request an onsite visit and analysis (contact us for available locations), at which time our technicians conduct a free swab test assessment. This is a pathogen analysis test that discovers how many live organisms are on any given surface in the environment. There is an ‘acceptable level’ threshold, and over that, the risks go up exponentially.

While such tests from from labs or other providers can cost thousands and take weeks and don’t result in a solution to combat the issue, our quick onsite test helps you:

  • Identify high risk areas where the most concentration of pathogens exists
  • Discover if your current disinfecting and sanitizing methods are effective

Knowledge is Power

Uncertainty in the effectiveness of your current sanitizing methods is never a comfortable thing.

The truth is, most hospitals, EMS facilities, nursing homes, schools, daycares and other establishments are using 50+ year-old cleaning methods (spraying and wiping using bleach, a bleach mixture or alcohol) to address living viruses and bacteria that have evolved over time. We understand it is not because they don’t want to solve the problem, they simply do not have a better alternative… until now.

This isn’t meant to scare you.

Humans were designed to catch infections and build natural resistance to most common viruses and bacteria — it’s part of life and it’s a reality we have to face. The “immunity building” years in children are an important part of their healthy development. The problem is that children, the elderly with often compromised immune systems, and people in general are increasingly exposed to far more serious pathogens that can have devastating effects or life threatening impact.

Testing to find out where your facility or business has the biggest issues can also cost thousands and take weeks for results — two luxuries most of us don’t have. That’s why we offer a free onsite virus and bacteria swab test.

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